What is HMO Dressing?

Dressing a HMO involves using soft furnishings, artwork and accessories to create a gorgeous space that is very desirable. Instead of looking at a room containing some pieces of furniture and a bare mattress, viewers can see a stunning space which they can see themselves living in. 

Dressing a HMO can help a property to 

  • secure more viewings
  • achieve a higher rent
  • attract a better quality of tenant 
  • stand out from the crowd 

Why is dressing my HMO important?

In order to market your HMO, get the highest rent achievable in your area and attract the best tenants, you need awesome photos to really show off the house to its best! 

You’ve likely ordered your furniture from a furniture company or braved Ikea, but either way you’re left with bare mattresses and fairly simple looking rooms. This is fine and very practical, but it doesn’t make for great photos. So the best way to achieve stunning photos is to dress the rooms. 

Pops of colour with cushions, lamps, artwork and rugs, transform the basic room into a stunning living area. The splashes of colour help the rooms to stand out online and appeal to more potential tenants, helping you to break the rental ceiling price and enable you to be more selective when choosing tenants. 


We’ll bring everything needed to turn the rooms into stylish spaces, as well as provide professional photos for you to use in your marketing. All it takes is one day for us to dress all the rooms and living areas, each slightly different to keep them interesting. We’ll match in with the design and colours you’ve chosen, plus we can even leave the artwork in the house and keep one of the rooms dressed for viewings if you prefer. After doing a fab refurb and leasing gorgeous furniture, dressing the rooms really is the cherry on top!

How it works

  1. Get in touch for a tailor-made quote.
  2. We agree a date for installation – the day where the magic happens!
  3. Our stagers transform your property and work with our professional photographer to create great photos.
  4. You receive the professional photos within 24 hours of the installation day ready for you to market your HMO.

Contact now to get started!